Short post, this one.

While flying around the west coast, I fell into a discussion of the relative merits of Eclipse versus Visual Studio. I tend to use Visual Studio and, for smaller files or quick edits, Ultra Edit. I did take a look at Eclipse a few years ago but haven't really had a need or desire to revisit.

Our conversation ultimately focused on add-ins and, specifically, how the Eclipse refactoring tool is better than the Visual Studio refactoring tool. I don't spend too much time refactoring -- not that I am the Mozart of code, writing perfect code the first time but rather that I use a hybrid refactoring approach that involves heavy use of ctrl-c/ctrl-v and search and replace. So my opinion isn't too relevant.

Your opinion is relevant. To what extent do you use Eclipse while developing BizTalk Server solutions. Are there useful add-ins for this? Where is Visual Studio missing functionality?

Speak out!