Glass in Terminal Services

Could it be true! Yes, as I connected to another Vista Box via the new RDP client, I realized that the display was in Aero or Glass mode! This was while at an airport over a Verizon Wireless card also. Not only that, I accidentally started playing a .wma file and the sound quality was excellent as well. I’m also looking forward to setting up a TS Gateway which will help with security TS client requests through a corporate firewall. So now I am running the following config on my Tablet Tecra M4:

Vista Beta 2

Office 2007 Beta 2

Visual Studio 2005

SQL Server 2005

Verizon Access Manager (Doesn’t like Vista’s Dial Up Network connection model, so you have to manually create a DUN connection and start it first before the VZAccess Manager starts)

RSS Bandit (Careful! It’s menus don’t like glass)

Virtual PC 2004 SP1 (It automatically boots you out of glass mode as well)

Windows Live Messenger

Visual Source Safe

MagicDisc (for ISO files. Daemon Tools, my old time favorite won’t go on Beta 2, although some folks have had luck with older versions. MagicDisc works like a charm)

All of the Toshiba Bluetooth and Button instrumentation

So far so good!