Great MOSS 2007 Tool - BDC Metadata Manager

Every once in a while there is a truly serendipitous invention for software development that really hits a spot where there are apparent gaps. Anyone that has examined the MOSS 2007 Business Data Catalog realizes that its not going to be much fun monkeying around with the BDC's metadata XML xsd file to create and describe applications for use in the BDC. To elaborate, the Business Data Catalog (BDC) is a new abstraction layer introduced is MOSS that exposes Line Of Business (LOB) applications through MOSS. This includes applications like Peoplesoft, SAP or custom SQL Server data sources, etc. 

What is required is that each operation, connection and entity be predefined in an "application" before the BDC can become aware and expose the data source. An xsd has been provided and samples have been out there, but until now it has been a manual process. Here is a great tool that helps in the generation of the BDC application definition file.


Great Job Todd!