Installing Team Foundation Serer Beta 3 Part 3

 I've now officially got my Team Foundation Server six guns strapped on. I've been attempting to establish a fresh install of Team Foundation Server Beta 3 on a fresh Virtual Machine running Windows 2003, SQL Server 2005 and Team Foundation Server. Here are my latest challenges, findings and triumphs:


TF30144 Error

This error results when the project creation wizard cannot connect to the Sharepoint Services site on the Team Foundation Server. This wizard does a great job at providing you with errors and information that can help you if there is an error. The problem is that if the activities done during this wizard cannot be undone, there is a serious amount of "space junk" as a former manager of mine used to say left on the Team Foundation Server.

You might not notice this initially until you go back to the wizard again and try to repeat the process and it tells you that you need to enter in a unique name for the project that failed creation last time.


The first step I took was to troubleshoot the connection to Sharepoint error. The problem turned out to be that the wizard it could not connect to the Sharepoint administration site to create the team site for the project. The problem was that the wizard tries to connect to the administration site port 17012. My default install of Sharepoint was not on that port. So I went into IIS on the Team Foundation Server and changed it to match what the wizard was expecting and that seemed to work. See the following for more detail on this issue:


TF30321: The name you typed is already used for another team project on the Team Foundation Server

This is the error which results from the non completion of the wizard that attempts to create the project. If the wizard can't roll back, it may leave objects on the Team Foundation Server to make the client "think" that the project already exists even though it does not. This lead me to the following URL

However, this post mentions a program called DeleteTeamProject.exe which seems like it would clean up any remnants of projects out there. So I set of in search for it. I searched the whole machine and could not find this executable. I then ran across this post:

Which says that the .exe is in the following directory:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies". Disbelieving the find results I navigated there and did not find this program, but found a TFSDeleteProject.exe which accepted some of the same switches. I used this to try to delete all the projects on the server, but the output would return




And then return me to the command prompt. I then used switches to specify the particular project and received an error indicating the following:


"The item '/ProjectName' cannot be found. ---> The item '/ProjectName' cannot be found."


Notice how the "/" got appended to the project name almost like it’s a Virtual Directory? I then found this post:


This post talks about how you must create a folder in Reporting Services that mirrors the name of the project in order to delete it. The delete program expects it to be there, but remember how the Sharepoint (and ostensibly the Reporting Services) component failed in the wizard? So if you create it, you get farther in the deletion process.


Currently I'm experiencing a problem similar to the Reporting Services one where it is trying to delete the Sharepoint site (which never existed) and it is throwing a Sharepoint exception which kills the entire delete process. However, what it does do is make the server think it does not have an entry for the project to delete. This is not true however as I can't create the project again. The latest error is TF30290. I'll post again once I've resolved this.