Wallpaper Manager 1.0 Update

Hi all,

I've updated the Wallpaper Manager written in WCF to the 3.5 version of the Framework.  I have also included some bug fixes and eliminated some exceptions when the program can't find a directory, or there are no items in a specified directory.  Below is the original post and the link to download still works, but its the updated bits.  Also, you have to uninstall the previous version and install the new one.   

Vision and Purpose


The Wallpaper Manager is a Proof of Concept WPF application I built using Expression Blend and Visual Studio .NET 2008 (Codename Orcas).  The application exists as a Windows Presentation Foundation XAML form application that is designed to provide users with the ability to control their desktop wallpaper by cascading over specified directories and allowing users to quickly browse, change and establish timed transitions between wallpaper.


Get it here from my Windows Live SkyDrive:



Here are some usage notes and information below.  Also note that you will be prompted to install the .NET framework Beta 3.5.  There is a feature of the .NET Framework 3.5 beta that will allow it to get updates as newer and finally RTM bits are released.


User Interface

  1. Wallpaper Manager Main Form
    1. The main form is where users configure settings, navigate image collections, specify directories, start and stop the timer, save settings and exit the application
      1. clip_image001[4]
  1. Wallpaper Manager Mini
    1. Wallpaper Manager Mini is a task tray icon activated mini-browser that allows for the navigation through the image collection, setting of selected wallpaper and the ability to restore the main Wallpaper Manager window
      1. clip_image002[4]



  1. Browse a directory of images (including subdirectories if optioned by the user) for wallpaper
    1. Users can browse through a directory and its subdirectories for images with Wallpaper Manager and set the desktop wallpaper to a specific image
    2. Users can specify whether or not to cascade into subdirectories for images
    3. Users can use the image navigation buttons to navigate forward and backward through discovered images and set the image as the desktop background
  1. Time desktop wallpaper transitions
    1. Users can specify a directory (including subdirectories) for source images that will be rotated through on a specified frequency
    2.  Once the specified rotation frequency has passed, Wallpaper Manager will set the desktop background to the next sequential image
    3. If there are no more sequential images, Wallpaper Manager will loop through the image collection and go back to the first image in the specified directory (at its highest level if subdirectories are included)
  1. Event Notifications
    1. Wallpaper Manager will allow users to receive Balloon Tip feedback of specific events under the following circumstances (if so optioned on the main form)
      1. Wallpaper Image Changes
      2. Minimize to Tray on Close
      3. Saving of Settings
      4. Start and Stop of Wallpaper Timer
  1. Wallpaper Manager Mini
    1. Wallpaper Manager (if set to minimize to the tray on close) will provide users with a mini-browser interface so that users can quickly rotate through a collection of images and set wallpaper
    2. By clicking on the task tray icon for Wallpaper Manager, the mini-browser will render the next wallpaper to be rendered in the collection as well as image navigation buttons
    3. Users can set the desired wallpaper from the mini-browser or choose to restore to the larger main form to adjust timer settings and other application settings
  1. AutoResume Timer
    1. Wallpaper Manager can be set to AutoResume wallpaper time settings on restart, including picking up with the last set wallpaper in the collection(if it still exists)
    2. When Wallpaper Manager is set to AutoResume, it will open minimized to the task tray and then open the mini-browser as well as message the user that the timer has started according to the established rotation frequency


Known Issues

  1. UNC Paths appear to upset the application. I'm looking into this
  2. If you need to upgrade the application, after install, make sure that the WallpaperSettings settings XML file is completely removed or you might experience some strange behavior
    1. This is only an issue if the version of Wallpaper Manager changes and not so much on a reinstall of the same version
  1. There have been some instances where I experienced the timer settings not working correctly and that the timer function has been escalated. I'm looking into this
  2. In order for timer changes to take place, Save Settings first