The ECM Starter Kit

Hi, everyone!

As a follow-up to my “Introduction to SharePoint Workflow” post on the SharePoint Team Blog, I’m very excited to introduce to you the Enterprise Content Management Starter Kit, a new resource we published on MSDN last week for developers looking to extend ECM features in Office SharePoint Server 2007. It contains over a dozen code sample projects that include document transformers, new records management features, and custom workflows. It also contains whitepapers and templates for workflow.

The kit is meant to be a supplement to the SharePoint Server SDK. Customers often ask us, “How do I implement X? Do you have an example of how to do Y?” So we put together these samples to implement the things that we get asked about the most. We hope it will be helpful to you in illustrating concepts and providing starting points for customization!

The kit is available for download at

Please let us know if you have suggestions on what we should include in our next package/kit! We'd love to know what you’d like to see J.