DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant polling interval


We have recently had a number of customers inquire about the default polling interval for the DCA client. The polling interval of the DCA client is 30 seconds.

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One of the primary functions of the DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant is to indicate the operational status of DirectAccess by using an icon in the notification area. The DCA client is deployed with connectivity verifiers that are configured to poll specified internal resources. These resources can consist of a combination of HTTP/HTTPS and File/SMB resources.

The DCA client polls these resources once every 30 seconds to verify connectivity. The polling interval is not configurable and is not “auto-adjusted” by the DCA client. For more information on the DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant, please see the following article:

DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant 1.5 Deployment Guide


Richard Barker - Sr Security Support Escalation Engineer, Microsoft CSS Forefront Security Edge Team