ISA 2006 SP1 and IAG 2007 Supportability Statement



Occasionally you find the combination of two things that result in something better than the sum of the individual parts. Some combinations that come to mind are peanut butter and chocolate, steak and lobster, and ISA Server 2006 and IAG 2007. You can’t eat ISA and IAG but combined in the IAG 2007 product they create an awesome SSLVPN with rich features. Just like a good soup, IAG 2007 benefits from high quality ingredients. For more information on this “better together” approach review the articles below:


Real World Experience


Recently, I began seeing questions about the addition of ISA 2006 SP1 on customers IAG 2007 systems. After some research it turned out that Windows update was detecting the lack of ISA 2006 SP1 and prompting administrators to install the service pack on their IAG 2007 servers. If you are familiar with IAG 2007 predecessor eGap 3.6 you will remember that the internal server was protected by a SCSI interface that shuttled between the external and internal servers. In IAG 2007 the external server and SCSI interconnect have been removed and replaced by ISA 2006. In this configuration ISA 2006 protects the external interface of IAG 2007 amongst other things.

Since SP1 for ISA 2006 includes feature updates as well as security updates, just like any other windows application it is essential to make sure there is no security vulnerability that might affect the ISA application. Hence it is important to make sure the ISA server is also updated from time to time.

When you first initialize the IAG 2007 system you will notice that ISA server 2006 is installed as well. As applications are added to the portal trunk, rules are created in ISA 2006 to allow the specific traffic types that IAG 2007 will publish. If IAG 2007 is configured for automatic updates or you visit the Windows update site, SP1 for ISA 2006 will be queued for installation if it is not already installed. You can review the benefits of SP1 for ISA 2006 by following this link:

As you can see from reading the list we fixed a few things in ISA 2006 with SP1. In addition, patch management is part of the Desktop, Device, and Server security process best practices that IT professionals should be following. Recently, while testing IAG 2007 SP2 our product group tested with ISA 2006 SP1 installed and found no issues related to this service pack. So go ahead and add ISA 2006 SP1 to your IAG 2007 system. I bet you will find it’s a great combination and is a high quality ingredient in your security soup.


Dan Watson

Security Support Engineer –IAG Team

Microsoft – NC



Technical Reviewers
Yuri Diogenes

Security Support Engineer – ISA/IAG Team

Microsoft – Texas


Mohit Saxena

Security Technical Lead – ISA/IAG Team

Microsoft – Washington