UAG published website is not fully rendered


Consider a scenario where you are publishing one or more internal websites via UAG 2010 and UAG is configured in an array of two or more nodes. Also, you are load balancing the UAG nodes using an F5 Big-IP device.


External users accessing one or more of these published web sites, via the Virtual IP of the F5, may experience one or both of the following symptoms:

· Improper page rendering where a number of page items (i.e. graphics, etc.) may not display correctly.

· IE shows “The page cannot be displayed”



Possible Cause:

The F5 Big-IP LTM may have the “OneConnect” feature enabled.


More Information:

The OneConnect feature is a system that is meant to improve web application performance. OneConnect reuses TCP connections to each load balanced server (UAG) for multiple clients. Please go to for more information on the OneConnect feature of the F5 Big-IP device.




As a test, try disabling the OneConnect feature. If, after disabling the OneConnect feature, your published web sites start rendering correctly, please contact F5 support for assistance with the OneConnect feature.



Richard Barker - Sr Security Support Escalation Engineer, Microsoft CSS Forefront Security Edge Team