84,248 Ads per second!

The adCenter Display Ads Platform team recently ran a large test using VSTS. The goal of this testing was to validate the configuration and stability of 100+ servers under load.

The test used one Controller and 42 agents to produce the necessary load.  The controller was also hosting a full install of SQL Server which acted as the result store.

Controller and Agent hardware information

Processor:  4 x AMD Opteron 280 (2405  MHz)

Memory:    4 GB RAM

Network:   GigE NIC

High level test summary

Test Duration                               12 hours

Total requests generated             3,639,518,000 (3.63 Billion requests)

Average requests/sec                   84,248

Average Requests/Test                1

Failed Tests                                  0

Sampling rate                               30 secs

Average agent Proc utilization    45%

To minimize the risk they started off with one controller and one agent, then increasing to 8 agents, then going to 42.

They estimate they could have produced at least 50% more requests with 42 agents but restricted the load to avoid any agent overloading.

A note from the customer: Overall it was a happy experience running a test of this large scale. Thanks to VSTS for making load testing a pleasure!