dynaTrace is cool!

dynaTrace just completed a nice integration with VSTS web, unit and load tests that enables them to do end-to-end tracing of performance. In addition to getting overall performance numbers, they have a feature called PurePath that let's you trace, down to a given web test request, what calls that request results in on the mid-tier and data-tier. Being the performance geek that I am, I love this stuff!

And the setup and deployment are a snap. This week Andreas Grabner, a perf architect for dynaTrace, came and helped us get it running to diagnose some TFS server performance problems we are working on. We also brainstormed on some more integration points in web and load test that will enable an even tighter integration in our next release.

Check out the two minute video when you have two minutes: http://www.dynatrace.com/twominutedemo/default.aspx