dynaTrace + VS 2010 Load Tests = 1 Powerful Solution for Performance Analysis of Java Applications

dynaTrace offers a terrific integration with VS 2008 to enable performance analysis of java and mixed .NET + java applications.

The integration is now even deeper with VS 2010. With VS 2010, you can drill straight from a specific slow Web page in a load test to the dynaTrace truePath for that page. The truePath shows the performance breakdown for the page, detailing which tiers of the application were slow for that page. This enables you to jump immediately to the performance problem.

This is similar to the functionality offered in the integration between VS load tests and the VS profiler, but goes even further as the dynaTrace solution works for both .NET and java applications, and can even trace performance across .NET and java tiers, for example if your .NET web application makes a call to a Web service running in a java application server.

Check out Andreas’s blog post to see a walkthrough of the integration.

The combination of these two tools makes a super-powerful load testing solution for shops that run both java and .NET applications.