Load Agents

Visual Studio includes a new load agent product for achieving scaleable load generation. The Team Test Load Agent enables you to configure an arbitrary number of agents that will work together to generate load against a web server or web farm.

Key features include:

• Scale out load generation

• Efficient load generation (1000 users from a typical machine running a typical web test)

• IP Switching for testing web farms. Each agent can be configured to use a range of IP addresses. That way load is distributed appropriately when load testing a web farm.

• Favorable Per CPU licensing (no vUser licensing)

• Performance counters collected on Load Agents and machines under test.

• Data (performance data, perfmon counters, and logs) are rolled up and stored in central SQL Server for analysis

• Load Test Monitor enables monitoring a test in progress

• Run tests from VS or Command Line

• Deployment of test code, reverse deployment of logs/test results

• Parallel distributed functional test execution

• Run a large set of unit and functional tests at the same time

• Agent selection enables matrix testing

• Code Coverage

• Better quality of service: load tests are restarted if the test process exits due to a failure.

Share test lab hardware with a team

• Multiple clients can submit test runs

• Controller queues runs and manages agents

• Platform for test tools

• Extensible architecture supports third party test types

• Team Foundation Server integration

• Reporting

• Work Item tracking

• Build Server

• Source Code Control


There are a couple of articles on our team blog that discuss the load agent: