New rules published to codeplex

I've published a new project to This project is based on VS 2008.

A summer intern we have from Duke, Herodotos Herodotou, has developed a nice set of rules we did not have before.

All of the rules have to do with the inner text of a tag. For example, for a select tag (list box and combo box), the option text is stored in inner text rather than an attribute:

<select name="myselect1">
  <option>Milk </option>
  <option selected="selected">Tea</option>

In order to extract the value of the list box, we need to parse out the inner text of the selected option. TextArea is another tag that does this, but there's also a lot of other examples in HTML why you want to extract or validate inner text.

The new project has these new rules:

  • ExtractionRuleInnerText
  • ExtractionRuleSelectTag
  • ValidationRuleInnerText
  • ValidationRuleSelectTag

As well as an inner text and select tag parser.

I've also added the web test plugin for filtering dependents, below.