Read this Before Running a Load Test with Dev10 Beta 1

If you install the dev10 beta 1 on the same machine as VS 2008, and you are running load tests, read this.

When you run the first load test, the load test will check the schema of the load test database, and if it is the 2008 schema it will update the schema in place.

This will create problems for you in VS 2008: you will no longer be able to import and export results.

The workaround is to use two separate databases for your results, one for VS 2008, one for VS 2010. The new Excel reporting feature in dev10 looks for the load test database (we’re fixing that in beta2), so the best workaround is to rename the VS 2008 load test database.

Before running any 2010 load test on your machine, rename the VS 2008 load test database:

  1. Close all Visual Studio instances.
  2. Run a Visual Studio command prompt as Administrator (can be 2008 or 2010).
  3. Run
    sqlcmd –S .\sqlexpress
    1> EXEC sp_renamedb 'LoadTest', 'LoadTest2008'
    2> GO
  4. Start Visual Studio 2008
  5. Run Test | Administer Test Controllers
  6. Change the load test results store to the renamed database
    1. Click …
    2. Under “Select or Enter a Database Name” type “LoadTest2008”

If you run VS 2010 tests prior to renaming the database, you will need to remove the dev10 results from the database:

  1. From Visual Studio 2010, open a load test.
  2. Click Open and Manage Test Results icon
  3. Select the 2010 test results and click export.
  4. Delete the 2010 test results.
  5. Go through the steps above to create two databases.
  6. Open VS 2010 and use Open and Manage Test Results to import the 2010 results back into the database.
  7. Delete the extra columns created in your database. We’ll blog a script for doing that soon.

Note the same thing will happen during setup if you install the Test Controller – controller setup will update the existing 2008 load test database. So be sure to rename the database before running controller setup.