Updated Links to Info

I updated my Links to Info on Web and Load Tests post with new links. The last update was in March, so it was due. I also moved some links into a separate table that are specific to 2005. Some of the 2005 context still applies to 2008, so I left that in the main table.

Most of the links are to new content my, Bill's, and Sean's blogs. Here's the new stuff:

New Web Test APIs for page boundaries and error handling

New Load Test APIs for load modeling

Support for IE8 and FireFox3 playback emulation

Support for random extraction of text

Description of web test execution

New rules for Inner Text parsing, list, and combo box

Disabling caching of all dependent requests

Collecting Code Coverage when Running Web and Load Tests

Sharing Test Results

How to create a custom counter set

SQL Record/Playback for Visual Studio Load Tests