Version 3.5 of the Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide Available

Geoff Gray has done it again, adding a bunch of new content to the Quick Reference Guide at

I strongly recommend you download this documentation and keep it in “your back pocket”. One thing to note is that in its current form it does not get indexed by search engines, so you need to actually download the pdf.

Here is a list of the new topics:

--NEW-- How cache settings can affect your testing and app performance 19

--NEW-- How a Load Test Plugin is executed on a test rig 29

--NEW-- Sharing State across agents in a load test rig is not supported out of the box 30

--NEW-- Customizing and extending the available network emulation settings 66

--NEW-- New Performance Counters in .NET 4.0

--NEW-- Content-Length=0 Header not sent resulting in HTTP 411 Length Required Error 99

--NEW-- Web and load tests stay in “Pending” state for a long time before starting 99

--NEW-- Error that test could not run because the network emulation is required 100

--NEW-- Error/Crash in “Open and Manage Load Test Results” dialog 100

--NEW-- Calls to CaptchaGenerator.aspx fail during playback 101

--NEW-- Request failure with improperly encoded query strings calling SharePoint 2010 101

--NEW-- Network Emulation does not work in any mode other than LAN 101

--NEW-- Error: Request failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it 103

--NEW-- MaxConnection value in App.Config is not honored when running a load test 103

--NEW-- Web Test Authoring and Debugging Techniques 104

--NEW-- Troubleshooting Network Emulation 123

--NEW-- Best Practice: Understanding the ROI for test automation 140

--NEW-- How to create guaranteed unique user IDs for UNIT tests 171

--NEW-- How to create a sync point for starting load tests 173

--NEW-- How to set default extensions that the WebTest recorder will ignore 173

--NEW-- Gotcha: VS 2008 and out of memory 174

--NEW-- Gotcha: Timeout attribute in coded web test does not work during a load test 174

--NEW-- How to extend recorder functionality with plugins 185

--NEW-- Stand-Alone Network Emulation and CodePlex 193

Thanks for putting this new content together Geoff!