VS 2010 Test Agent and Test Controller Troubleshooting Guide

Michael Koltachev, Geoff Staneff, and the rest of the TE team put together a valuable troubleshooting guide for troubleshooting a VS 2010 test rig.

Check it out at


In VS 2005 and 2008 agent and controller setup, all the configuration was done in setup. If any of the config steps failed, setup rolled back.

We made a huge improvement in VS 2010 by making setup super-simple, mostly just lay down the files. Then we have a config tool that launches after setup to do the configuration (opening ports, setting up groups, etc.). Now if a particular config step fails you can correct the issue and then re-run the config, rather than having to reinstall everything.

One of the great things about the troubleshooting guide is for many issues it points you back to running the config tool, which automatically checks all the required settings, showing output and any error information for each step.

VS 2010 agent setup now also supports command line install and command line config, a much requested feature for those of you who have automation to provision and configure agent machines (we see a lot of that in Microsoft product teams).