Book Review: Dreaming in Code by Scott Rosenberg

I came across a really good read while at the book store. "Dreaming in Code" is written by Scott Rosenberg who is cofounder of and not a programmer. This book takes you through his observations and insight into the world of software creation. He picks a team and their solution Chandler and follows them for several years. Out of this are very keen observations on project management (or lack there of), the open source world, and just how hard it is to create the vision that the team set forth on. This is an easy read and isn't a book for programmers, but anyone who has tried to write software will find themsleves chuckling and relating to some of the problems the Chandler team run into. My only criticism is that it is a shame Scott couldn't wait longer to see Chandler to any type of real conclusion. But as he puts it he had to write the book sometime and he definitly had enough material! So if you are looking for something besides the technical books you are taking on your plane trip, pick this up. It will be hard to put it down.