Book Review: Speak Like a CEO

So I picked up this book looking for some insight onto strategies to improve my presentation skills - especially to business decision makers. The whole title is Speak Like a CEO: Secrets for Commanding Attention and Getting Results. It is written by Suzzane Bates.

So I was hoping for a bit more practical guidance. I particularly found the Presentations and handling Question and Answer sessions. It confirmed my distaste for relying heavily on slides. The Q&A section had great recommendations for how to phrase your answers to trick your mind to begin searching for the answer. Plus ways to anticipate the hard questions. I skipped over the Speaking to the Media section and a few others like it. The action plans seemed a bit weak. I was hoping for not only what to do to get better, but how to evaluate my performance for the steps in the plans.

Anyway, it was worth the read. There is a companion book that is the Home Study Course that may have had more that I was looking for.

Here is a link to the book on I promise a technical book next. I have been reading the new Bill English SharePoint reference...

In case you are curious, we are through all of the grammar edits on our book. Now I have proofs that I must review for art placement before they go to the printer. I've been told we are still on schedule so get those pre-orders in :)