My SharePoint Conference Wrap Up

All went well with my presentation on "Enforcing Governance by Provisioning Sites with Workflow". The feedback was positive and thank you all who attended. I saw a lot of good things at the conference which will give me a lot to blog about as I investigate a bit deeper. My favorite demonstration was actually part of the Day 1 keynote. As part of that keynote, Richard Riley did an awesome presentation of a search solution running in MOSS that used an interface built in Silverlight with a FAST index on the back-end. You can watch video highlights of the keynote on the conference site, but I haven't checked to see if that made the editting cut.

Two big announcements/emphasis points:

Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint.

This is basically a bunch of reference projects about how to combine the power of rich internet applications (Silverlight) into a SharePoint environment. There is a lot of variety here in the projects. My favorite was a slider Silverlight control being used as a custom field type in MOSS.

New Solution Accelerators and Toolkits

SharePoint cross-site configurator:

SharePoint monitoring toolkit:

SharePoint asset inventory toolkit:

SharePoint capacity planning toolkit:>