Video: Demo of Extending SharePoint to Collab on Document Fragments

I have had many requests from customers and peers to have a look at my solution for supporting collaboration on fragments (or sections) of a MS Word document. In fact, few have referred to it as "slide libraries for word documents". It leverages the some custom actions in SharePoint with the Open XML file format to modify Word documents on the server. I'm a bit flattered, but thought I would take the time to capture a demonstration of the solution as a video to share. If you don't follow this blog, this solution is one of the chapters in my book: Pro SharePoint Solution Development. You can get the code off of Apress' web site as well as get a more thorough code walkthrough in the book. This demonstration is more how an end-user would use the solution. My first attempt at "podcasting". Anyway, I placed the video on MSN SoapBox so it should be easy to get. See the link and info below.

Video: Using SharePoint to Collab on Document Fragments