Visio 2007 crashing on exit on Vista 64bit

I had a minor success today. For the longest time, every time I closed Visio 2007 SP1 on my Vista 64bit machine, I would get a crash and an error. It was a minor annoyance since it was on exit... but I finally solved it today. First I launched Visio by using Explorer on the file system and choosing Run as Administrator. With it open, I went into the Trust Center and went to the Add-ins tab. I clicked the Go button to manage the COM-addins and then disabled the "Send to Bluetooth" add-in. This completely solved my problem. Not sure what this feature is, but I never use it. I should point out that do have a bluetooth mouse I use with my laptop. And now I don't experience the crash when running as a non-admin.

 I know not anything MOSS related. But just in case anyone else is experiencing the same problem.