64-bit Directory Synchronization tool available for download from Office 365 Portal

If you are planning to deploy the Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization tool (DirSync) for synchronization from Active Directory to Office 365, then we have some important news for you.

There’s a 32-bit DirSync client AND a 64-bit DirSync client available for download at the Office 365 Portal!


Download the Directory Synchronization tool (DirSync) from the Office 365 Portal


The 64-bit version of DirSync supports Windows Server 2008 x64 or Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard/Enterprise operating systems.

If you’ve already deployed the 32-bit version DirSync, there is no need to install the new client. “The 64-bit version of the directory synchronization tool shares exact functional parity with the existing 32-bit software.”

For additional information, please see the Office 365 Wiki article, Directory Synchronization tool 64-bit support.



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Zion Brewer