Administrator Access to SkyDrive Pro

SkyDrive Pro is an excellent web-based, enterprise ready, personal storage and collaboration tool for faculty, staff, and students. Unlike the consumer version of SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro provides institutions with rich features to remain compliant. Technically, each SkyDrive Pro site created is its own site collection. The user who creates the site is provided independent ownership of their personal site. This user has full control to grant and remove user permissions to their site. In other words by default even administrators do not have access to a personal SkyDrive Pro site!

What's an Admin to do?

As I mentioned before SkyDrive Pro is enterprise ready. Office 365 Education administrators can access a users (i.e., student) SkyDrive Pro account to meet compliance requirements and for investigations.

If you are an administrator of Office 365 Education you can follow these steps:


  1. Under the "Admin" tab select "SharePoint"
  2. Select "User Profiles"
  3. Under "People" select "Manage User Profiles"
  4. Search for the User in question
  5. Scroll over the search results and select the "down arrow" for the user in question
  6. Select "Manage Site Collection Owners" and add the appropriate admin account under "Site Collection Owners" (you can't gain access without assigning these permissions)
  7. Select the "down arrow" again and select "Manage Personal Site"
  8. You should now have access to the site.




 At this point you can access the SkyDrive Pro site. Hope this helps!