Exploring the new Office Web Apps – Excel Web Forms

Today we are going to highlight one of the features in the Excel Web Apps, which can be found as part of the new Office 365 demo environment. The Office Web apps are part of the SharePoint Online experience and can be used to either create new content or edit existing Office documents once they have been posted. While the Web Apps seamlessly integrate themselves throughout the SharePoint Online experience for this example we are going to focus on the creation of new content in SkyDrive Pro.

One of the first things you should notice upon logging into the new Office 365 experience is the new title bar. The title bar is consistent throughout the web properties making it much easier for you to find your way through all of the services you have been licensed for (if you are aren’t licensed for it the option won’t be available in the title bar.


Now that we have selected the SkyDrive Pro option highlighted above, we can go ahead and start our new
Excel workbook, by clicking ‘new document’ and then choosing Excel Workbook.


We are then prompted to name that workbook, for this example we will use Formtest.xlsx


A new workbook is immediately created for us, and we just need another step to create my web form.

From the ribbon, we choose ‘Form’ and then ‘New Form’.


We are presented with a pop-out dialogue to create our form


We can fill in the title, description and begin adding questions.


We also have a number of question choices available to us.

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