High quality event production with Microsoft Lync and EventBuilder: L+

If you are looking to take your Lync web conferencing to the next level you have to check out EventBuilder's new L+ offering.

Simply put it enhances Lync to provide more functionality for online learning such as: advanced Registration, Archiving (online storage), Streaming and allow for much larger groups to attend a web conference- like TENS of Thousands! L+ works with Lync Online or Lync on premises. Lync Online Plan 2 provides FREE Web Conferencing in the Office 365 for Education Plan A2 noted HERE. Free Lync Online web conferencing combined with EventBuilder's L+ is an incredible Event & Web Conferencing platform Educators really should consider!

Aligning to the proliferation of MOOCs – L+ is a great platform for simplifying and streamlining the delivery of content to thousands of people at one time and advanced recording. The presenter can use their Lync interface for all the presentation and authoring work and can present to student audiences of any size and just about any device- PC, Mac, various Browsers. Once recorded the MOOC can be scheduled for re-broadcast at any time.

Simplified Recording with L+ combines recording and publishing. With other recording methods you just get the .wmv file but then what? With L+ you get a web url complete with registration, graphics, etc to distribute instantly (and you can download the .wmv)

Robust, professional cloud-based application that allows Lync users to deliver high-value, sophisticated online events and training programs to audiences of any size. Manage the entire event lifecycle from start to finish, without the need for any additional hardware or software. L+ is licensed by the organizer/presenter to make compliance a breeze.

EventBuilder has been a Microsoft partner for 10 years, and a long time Live meeting reseller -services provider but recently transitioned their platform onto Azure and enabling Live Meeting customers to fully transition to Lync through their Live Meeting to Lync Program.  

Today their development team is integrating audio conferencing bridges to the Lync session providing moderated audio conferencing allowing presenters to stay in their native Lync. Check out the latest video snack showing how it works: EventBuilder Lync Enhancement Video

If interested in receiving more information contact them at: sales@eventbuilder.com