Live@edu Frequently Asked Questions

How do I?

Part of my day job is answering customer questions about all aspects of Live@edu – it’s not surprising that there are a number of frequently asked questions that seem to come up week after week. When I started working at here one of the first things my boss told me was:

“Never answer the same question 3 times…”

I’ve always tried to live by that since, and so I’ve put together a great little document for you to check out. It’s aimed at answering the most common pre-deployment questions that come up from customers who may know nothing about the service; questions like:

    • We’re enrolling a lot of domains – is there a way we can prove ownership in bulk?
    • Can I assign multiple aliases to an account in Live@edu?
    • I use my current domain name for lots of things – will adding a TXT record, or MX record, affect my existing services?
    • I don’t control the DNS settings for my domain! What do I need to do to prove domain ownership?

…and lots more. Of course, it’s not every question there is, so feel free to get in touch over Twitter, or via the comments.

View the FAQ