Live@edu Upgrade: Are your details up to date?

If you’re anything like me then you’re excitedly waiting to find about when you’ll be able to get your Live@edu tenant upgraded to Office 365 for education. Hot on the heels of the upgrade portal I talked about recently, I have some more information to share.

In order to make the upgrade process smooth, and because it’s just a good idea in general, we need every existing Live@edu customer to ensure their institution profile information is accurate and up to date!


Sometimes, especially with more mature deployments, people move on and responsibilities change. Often the service management portal gets forgotten about (poor thing), but it is vital to keep it accurate up to date so that we know who to get in touch with about the upgrade.

It doesn’t take a minute, and you may already be up to date, but it’s worth checking to be sure. If you’ve forgotten the URL you can access the portal at: