Office 365 University

With emphasis of services and devices our priorities are adapting to Office on your terms illustrated by today’s announcement of Office 365 University! Office 365 is the next bold step in Microsoft’s transformation to a devices and services company noted in Steve Ballmer’s blog post today - for the first time, consumers can subscribe to Office as a service instead of purchasing Office as a piece of software to install.   

The new Office combined with Office 365 Education is a Social packed duo including your Personal sites, feeds, communities, follows, likes, and more to announce soon! A recent example at Princeton University where they leveraged Office 365 to develop a cool social program -- a silent disco – a truly interactive experience for 2,700 students and alumni. There was live blogging with pictures, funny comments and text, all on a secure network and streaming video to students not able to attend, as well as alumni off campus.

How can I Participate? Check out Timeto365 a new crowd-sourced web site where people can get tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration from around the world!

Don’t miss the Microsoft community  - a place to find answer, share ideas, solve problems and most of all help you get the most out of your technology.

OK,can you tell me what is included in Office 365 University and Office 365 for



So what is the difference between Office 365 for education and Office 365 University?

  • Office 365 A3-A4 suites and Office 365 ProPlus (w15) are institutional offers sold via VL or Direct that include enterprise cloud services like SharePoint with SkyDrive Pro, Lync and Office, in addition to all Office applications. Office 365 Education includes full commercial use rights.
  • Office 365 University is sold at retail and available to individual university and college students. Office 365 University offers Office applications and cloud consumer services such as SkyDrive and Skype, and it does not include commercial use rights. The table below illustrates the main differences.

Tell me, how will Office 365 University interact with Office 365 Education?

Students who have any consumer Office 365 SKU can connect to their school’s Office 365 for education services from the same machine and Office install by changing their login credentials from a Microsoft Account to an OrgID account. Their Office applications will be able to save to SharePoint Online and Outlook can be connected to their Exchange Online mailbox provided by the institution. Office 365 University does not include a Lync client.

Should the Office 365 University offer replace the HUP and WAH programs?

Home Use Program (HUP) and Work at Home Rights (WAH) are the appropriate and most cost-effective programs for faculty and staff to acquire Office. Only higher ed. faculty and staff not currently covered by these programs should consider Office 365 University.

Enjoy the NEW Office!!