Office for Android tablet, OneDrive for Mac sync preview, Outlook for iOS and Android now available

Three big announcements today:


Office for Android tablet

This is a great addition to the Office 365 ProPlus suite where you can get Excel, Word, PowerPoint on your Android tablet now.



Word for Android tablet



Excel for Android tablet



PowerPoint for Android tablet


Grab them here and combine them with your Office 365 ProPlus license benefit to unlock the full features:

Word   Excel  PowerPoint




OneDrive for Business Sync for Mac Preview and OneDrive for Business for iOS update 


This is the ability to have OneDrive for Business syncing on your Mac platform and an updated client for getting to OneDrive for Business on your iOS device.



New OneDrive for Business/consumer client for iOS

Grab the bits here for iOS:




New OSX OneDrive for Business Sync preview


Grab the bits here for Mac OSX Sync client preview:

Mac Sync



Outlook for iOS phone and tablet and Android phone and tablet

This is another great feature with Office 365 ProPlus which will provide a rich Outlook client for your iOS and Android mobile and tablet platforms! This is from our Acompli acquisition.



iOS Outlook



Outlook for Android tablet


Grab the new Outlook bits here:

iOS  Android