Where can I watch some quick demos explaining some key Office 365 Education features?

This is was question I received from a CIO for a massive west coast school district.

I found some excellent videos/topics:


OneDrive for Business – student portfolios/digital lockers, faculty/staff home drive replacement

Here and here 

OneDrive for Business Training walkthrough here


OneNote Class Notebooks – for student-teacher note sharing, homework submission, study guides, class note sharing, personal teacher-student collaboration

Nice demo video here

Walkthrough lab for teachers here and here 

More training here


OneNote Staff Notebooks – for principal – teacher sharing, classroom evaluation, lesson plan feedback, lesson plan sharing, policies and procedures, etc.

Walkthrough for Staff notebooks here

Blog post I did on the subject here


SharePoint Online sites – departmental collaboration, classroom collaboration

What is SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business here


Office 365 Video – launching now – for flipping the classroom, for lecture streaming, student learning, class video channels (locked down), tutoring channels, staff videos/learning

What is Office 365 Video here

Blog post on the subject here


Office Mix – for recording classes, for student knowledge sharing, quizzes/knowledge measure

Get Mix here

Various public mixes here

Overview of Office Mix here

Example of a Mix here


Exchange Online – for email, calendaring for both students and faculty, staff

OWA demo here

Quick demo of Exchange Online here


Skype for Business Online– for distance learning, video conferencing, lecture capture, presence, instant messaging, inviting remote guest speakers via Skype or browser, IT helpdesk, student to faculty sharing/collaboration,  teacher – parent conferences

Skype for Business overview/demo here 

Skype translator – voice to voice translation here


Yammer Enterprise – staff to staff, teacher to teacher collaboration, parent discussion/feedback portal, teacher to student sharing, student to student sharing

High level Yammer overview videos here and  here

What is yammer here

Quick Enterprise social overview here