Yammer available with academic plans beginning today!

Great news, beginning today Yammer Enterprise will ship with all Office 365 A plans at no additional cost. The availability was announced yesterday in this blog post.

Schools are facing increasing pressure to provide faculty, staff and students with the highly connected tools and information that both match today’s consumer social networking experiences and are at the forefront of 21st century learning models.

Microsoft’s vision for Enterprise Social is to empower institutions to work like a   network. By connecting individuals to a dynamic network of people and information, we help schools, teachers and students listen, adapt, and grow in new ways, enabling them to form better partnerships, communicate and collaborate faster and achieve their goals of deep learning.

With Office 365 and Yammer, schools can foster a new kind of learning that is more engaging and more connected to real life and better prepares young people for life and work in today’s world.

Yammer Enterprise provides all of the features of Yammer Basic but adds branding, security, and administrative features that enable customization and protection of the private network.

Features shipped with plans A2, A3 and A4 include:

  • The option to create a custom design so you can brand the network with the school’s look and feel
  • Advanced configuration settings that provide overall user governance and content management
  • Robust security controls that help manage network access and security
  • The ability to export network data for reporting, retention, and analysis
  • Advanced integrations including Directory Sync and Single Sign-on

You can learn more about Yammer and the academic plans by visiting these sites.

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Please speak to your Microsoft reseller about deploying Yammer.