New XNA Content; Inspiration Tour - Hull University

Yesterday we visited Hull University to deliver the latest Inspiration Tour session. The turn out was great and we were made to feel really welcome so a big thank you to everyone who attended. 


While chatting to Rob Miles he mentioned that he is currently putting together a book aimed at getting users started with C# using XNA to teach the language. The book should prove an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn programming on .NET or is just getting started with XNA. Rob has kindly published the draft chapters he's written so far on his blog here so go take a look.

Also keep an eye on our Inspiration Tour Popfly application as we will be updating it with new geotagged photos from the Tour as we go.

We are visiting Essex University today, then we are at GameCity in Nottingham on Thurs and Aberystwyth on Fri/Sat. So all in all a busy week; in fact after a quick tally I reckon I'll travel a total of 1130 miles this week!

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