A ton of amazing upgrades

First Windows Live 2011 Essentials from Microsoft is amazing!  Windows Live Messenger is fun again with the social network connections and facebook chat feature.  Windows Live Writer and Photo Gallery has some amazing new features you must try.  http://bit.ly/c0DQtl

Second Microsoft Hotmail has released a ton of features a few weeks back including integration with office web applications (the ability to create, edit and view office documents using a browser).  You do not need to install Office on the PC to create, edit and view office documents.  My friends using Google docs (there is NO comparison to the rich capabilities of office web apps and google docs).  This blows google off the map.  Hotmail’s ability to provide seamless integration of skydrive, photo slideshows and other features are a must have.  Google mail feels like a bad science project compared to hotmail features.  See more here http://bit.ly/dcCO7p

Last I am very impressed with two browser upgrades IE9 beta and yes Safari 5 (on the PC).  I have never liked Safari and I keep it around for testing of web apps.  I just upgrade to Safari 5 and I must say it is very clean and very smooth.  Safari has done a great job in this release.  IE9 beta is very smooth and I waiting for sites to really take advantage of it’s capabilities.  There are just a ton of quality software upgrades out there.  I love my job and working in technology.