Bing Search App on Android


Earlier this week we announced the first official Bing for Mobile Android App available to Verizon customers.  You can now download the free Bing App from your Verizon Wireless Android phones’ Marketplace.  Read the full announcement here ).

After reviewing the comments, there are several questions concerning why we have not released this app for other carriers using Android devices.  After a quick email discussion with Andy Chu from MSFT here are some responses to the question of why Verizon Wireless first.


Q. Why did you decide to only roll-out an App for only select Verizon Android devices?

A. The Bing for Mobile Android App is available on any VZW Android 2.x devices and higher. The only device we don’t support today is the Motorola Devour. Given the deep partnership with VZW on Bing search, we’ve decided to roll out our Bing search experiences on VZW first. We’re working to make Bing available on the other mobile operators and their Android devices.

Q. Do you have plans to roll-out the Bing for Mobile Android App to other Android devices and carriers?

A. Yes, there are plans to expand the Bing for Mobile Android App to devices with other U.S. mobile operators later this year.We don’t have specifics to share at this time.