Considering switching to a Windows Phone?

I often get people who ask me the difference between Windows Phone and iPhone. Many people already know the iPhone platform so I thought I would share a few features I love about the new Windows Phone 8 that you may consider when switching phones.




The links below and short videos will address questions like:

  • What about my iTunes music library?
  • Can I sync the phone with my Mac?
  • What makes Windows Phone unique?


Below I have compiled a few of my favorite features I like to share with friends and family:

Kids Corner

Kids Corner is a must have for any parent (aunt or uncle) who have handed their phone over to the kids to play with and worried about them doing the wrong thing by accident (i.e. accessing your email or deleting something important).



It is now easier than ever to work and collaborate with groups of people both personally and professionally. Planning an extended family vacation, working on a research project, or just trying to stay in sync with your family events and activities. Rooms is a great way to engage and stay connected.


Can I sync the phone with my iTunes music library? Yes, here is a short video on how to sync your music library to your new Windows Phone.


OfficeProfessionals, students and business owners will be able to appreciate having access to your documents, presentations, spreadsheets and notes at your finger tips as Windows Phone offers the very best experience with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Learn more about Windows Phone 8 and the fantastic integration with Microsoft Office here -

Windows Phone work with Windows 7, Windows 8 and yes it also works with your Mac. This link ( shows just how easy it is to sync your phone with your Mac.

Finally, here is a quick summary about what is new in Windows Phone 8 -

If you have questions, feel free to post here or contact me on twitter at

We at Microsoft realize your phone is a very personal decision and that is why we made a phone specifically designed around you. People are making the switch to Windows Phone it is a fun and productive phone that you are sure to enjoy.