Spiderman3 + A 6 year old boy = Bluray DVD the clear winner

I finally selected a winner for my for my first HD DVD format. However the first generation Sony Player is terrible from a consumer experience.


I get home with the Blu-ray player underneath my arm from BestBuy and the Spider-man 3 title in hand, tonight all ready to get started. Plug in the power and remove the HDMI DVD player already hooked up, insert the video, wait a very long time (maybe 90 seconds, before anything happens) and the move won’t play. About 30 minutes of scratching my head with an impatient kid behind me and a bowl of popcorn getting colder, I search the web with little help, I blindly stumble across a firmware update. <groan>. I mean come on the Sony BluRay generation DVD is a terrible consumer experience.


I have to have burnable DVD, I scramble to find one download the update, insert it into my DVD player (nothing on the screen just some very cryptic messages flashing across the LCD display). A very long wait when you don’t know what to expect at least 7-9 minutes before it completed (maybe a little longer). Then it powered down. L I turned it back on waited at least another 2 minutes for anything to happen, I am very patient. Finally the thing says loading…. (good grief)


About another full minute and the title appears. It looks great, my kid is on the couch behind me as I sigh in relief because finally after a little of an hour of just trying to play a DVD, I look back and my kid is sound asleep, and here I am telling you the Blu-ray is the way to go just because of Spiderman and my boy. Well it looks like this will be a Thursday night movie, you know Wednesday night is Bible study night.


The games we play…. L


Good night all.

(side note: I will be taking back the Sony BDP-S1 model back tommorrow for a updated model of the Sony Player)