The next big Facebook idea

Ok not so big but I think it would be a neat feature.  There are so many Facebook users (including me at times), that Facebook is one of the first site they either go to in the morning, or one of the last sites they visit before going to bed.  I think they could hold more eyes longer if they started streaming the news by category into their site or better yet, allow you to subscribe to news events on your wall.  Just another great way for advertisers to better target an already captive audience.

Facebook is where I go to get the “news” on what is happening with my friends, why not thread some real news into the site.  Just a thought I had, maybe it is already a feature somewhere and I just missed it.

I realize this idea is not original because Windows Live Messenger does this today (very well I might add).  When you sign in to the latest version of messenger you get a quick view of your social network updates. Note the social tab highlighted in the picture below on the left (of course words have been blocked out to protect the innocent.  Next to the social tab is the MSN tab highlighted below in the picture on the right.

image image

Why should Facebook do this why not just promote Windows Live Messenger given that you can update your Facebook status in the Textbox to the right of my profile picture.  In addition to chat with users on Facebook and other instant messenger networks.  Good point I guess one might ask.  So I will promote Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Essentials in the post.  You can download the latest version for free here


Ok, no that I am done promoting some of the great features of Windows Live Essentials (and yes I write my blog entries with Windows Live Writer).  Personally I think basic IM is slowing dying down.  I barely IM anyone personally unless it is in the context of my social network (like Facebook for example).  I realize I could be minority here because Microsoft, Yahoo and other IM networks have millions of active users.

When it is all said and done I think there is a play for news and events on Facebook is executed properly.