TiVO is going to lose my business as a customer really soon

Hey TiVO drop the pop ads when I am fast forwarding!

TiVO released an update to my device that pops up an annoying Ad when I am fast forwarding thru a show.  I realize T.V. shows are designed to keep your attention so an advertiser can throw something in your face; however this pop up solution reminds me of what happened to my favorite web pages.  This is what caused me to go out and get a toolbar to block pop ups.  Advertising needs to find a new means of telling us about their products instead of trying to spend money on shoving it down our throats every chance they get.

SuperBowl commercials - good because they are entertaining

Ads embedded in the Apprentice TV show - not bad because they are a part of the show and not so interruptive

Ads for TabletPC and Pocket PC devices embedded in 24 on Fox - again a good job at making the product look neat without getting in the way of the television program.

Ads for Sears during Extreme Home Makeover - really good!

I wish they had Pay per view TV just so I can avoid watching those stupid commercials.  Oh wait!  That is what TiVO was supposed to be.  Come to think of it I am pretty ticked off at having to pay to go to the movies to watch commercials as well.  The next thing you know I will buy a DVD and the movie will stop for a commercial and I can't fast forward past.  When is it all going to stop!  I thought the marketing people are supposed to be the creative group.  Those who lack creativity just become down right annoying.

Comments, feedback are all welcome!

I am going to start looking for a solution that is not mainstream that allows me to record from my television to hard drive where I can get around the stupid commercials.  I guess it is time I look at our own solutions from Microsoft.