Just when I got my Xbox the next one is announced

That’s right, I just ordered an Xbox the other day. I’ve not had one to date, and can say I’ve probably played about a dozen times total.

I actually ordered it for the media center extender stuff. I’m not against Xbox, I just don’t play video games. Just not my thing I guess you could say.

Now as my friends like to point out, this does not mean I haven’t purchased Xbox gear. Rather, I buy quite a bit of it. Where does it go? That’s right, my brother. I buy Xbox stuff for him regularly, so from that perspective, I'm a very good Xbox customers. I get the “pay for it” part, just not the play part. Quite the bargain. ;)

As luck would have it, only hours after I ordered mine did I learn of the next one coming. I suppose I live in a hole because I hadn't heard anything other than "it's coming." I should probably pop my head out and look around more often.

I suspect this next one I might actually get earlier on in the lifecycle. The stuff looks really cool. And there is already talk of some of the games. For me, I'm a whole lot more excited by media center related things than I am the gaming, but hey, I'm not a gamer. Larry Hyrb is blogging about it, hopefully more info coming over the weeks/months to come.