Developer?... the time is NOW! Innovate & Make more MONEY, Re-imagine you app in a new way


Developer? Who said so..? You are the App’s Artist, start to re-imagine your iOS/Android applications and build it on Windows 8 Platform.

Windows 8 is a completely reimagined Windows. You can code once and have a great app experience that scales across devices from tablets to all-in-one PCs, from 10" to 27" screen sizes. The new Windows Store provides flexibility for selling your app and higher profit potential than any other App Store – with an 80% revenue share when you reach $25,000 USD or more in total sales. Windows Runtime gives you the flexibility to build native apps using C#, C++ and JavaScript. Or you can build apps using web technologies like HTML5, Level 3 (CSS3).

 Now you can easily migrate any application to be on Windows Store:

 Migrate iOS apps 

 Migrate Android apps

 Migrate Web apps

 Migrate Windows Phone apps


Innovate... Build... And Exhibit your apps in the biggest Apps Exhibition promoting Egyptian developers from all over Egypt to the most well-known investment firms.

 On the Exhibition day 5th of June 2013, we will announce the Winning app that will be promoted in the Spotlight section (Featured) in the Egyptian Windows Store.


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