ENWI Winners

The announced happened at Cairo Code Camp. ENWI was a community-led initiative that aimed at boosting the web in Egypt. The main focus of ENWI is to support the community creating web sites that shows (1) the web talent in Egypt and (2) The best aspects of Egypt from the eyes of Egyptians.

As the weeks went by, developers of all ages created and signed up there sites at www.ENWI.org. The winners as it turns out were three university students. These students not only learned how to incorporate different Microsoft technologies into a website but they also gained the experience of how to host it as well.

Third place when to Mohamed Adel from Helwan university.

IMG_0064 IMG_0065

Second places when Hatem Ayoub from the Arab Academy For Science And Technology Cairo Branch.


First please when to Sandy Nabil and her team From Cairo University.

 IMG_0069 IMG_0070