Free download to Windows Phone 8 offline documentation

Let me share with you the latest tip I learned about Visual Studio 2012 when I was attending some training in Amsterdam last January. Now you can download all MSDN documentations OFFLINE on your machine so that you can browse/search them so easily without having to be online.

It’s a very useful tool that offers you all the documentation needed in one place whether it’s for Windows Phone development, Windows Store App Development, even Kinect for Windows SDK, and many others. Here you are a step-by-step tutorial on how make use of this amazing feature Smile.


1. Open Visual Studio 2012

2. Go to Help -> Set Help Preference -> Launch in Help Viewer


3. In the 1st time, Microsoft Help Viewer 2.0 should run automatically; if it didn’t, just press F1 or Ctrl+F1 to run it. Then you can press Add to download the MSDN documentation/resources for your preferred topic(s). Then Press Update to have them installed on your machine locally (Offline).


4. Once downloaded, they’ll appear in the Help Viewer left pane.


5. You can then browse or search the downloaded resources (OFFLINE) the way you like from the below tabsJ.


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Mohamed Yamama,


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