Internet Explorer 8


Web surfing as we know it today has taken a giant leap forward thanks to Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). Internet Explorer 8 is the sexiest newest FREE browser on the block today. With Web Slices, accelerators, and the ability to create free custom versions of IE8 for distribution (With Internet Explorer administrative kit, IEAK) web surfing will never be the same again.

With Accelerators ( accelerator ) and Web Slices ( slice ) you don’t have to go to many different sites to find what your looking for.  Accelerators allow you to translate, find location/address on a map, post something on facebook, and much much more without ever leaving the web PAGE you are looking at. Web slices allow you to take a slice of a website and place it in your favorites bar of IE8 so you don’t have to load the whole web site to find out the information you are looking for or following.

Other capabilities of IE8 include better security, faster page loading, in private browsing and even a compatibility view Compatitiblaty View (that renders web pages that only work on older browsers) that help make your web experience better,  safer, and more efficient. To download and find out more about Internet explorer please visit , and are just some of the Local web sites that have taken advantage of IE8’s new amazing futures.