Join our Summer Apps Contest and win FREE Windows 8 Tablet



Build two Windows 8 apps and two Windows Phone apps and win one of the top 3
Windows 8 touch
devices: Acer Iconia, Samsung ATIV, and Lenovo Yoga.

 No need to learn new tools and languages. You have everything in your hands, use your
existing skills to create amazing apps. Even more, you can you can easily
migrate any application to be on Windows Store/Windows Phone Store and join the

For more technical resources on apps development:

Contest Rules:

-  Contest starts from 27th of August and to 27th of Sept 2013.

-  Complete MVA Free Developers course.

-  Develop minimum 2 Windows 8 apps and publish on the store.

-  Develop minimum 2 Windows Phone apps and publish on the store.

-  Get minimum 100 downloads for each published app.


How can I participate?

  1. Go to and register all your applications
    prototype under “Summer Star Apps contest” under Windows 8 category.
  2. Complete Free
    developer course available on MVA:
  3. Publish your applications on Windows 8 Store/Windows Phone Store.


-  Egypt must be the country set for this account.

-  Apps published before or after contest start, end date will not be considered. (Please note that the
publishing cycle takes 5 days minimum).

   4.  Once your apps are published, you will receive an email from the store containing the online
link for the application. Please forward this email to: (This is the ONLY way to get the
application counted in the contest).

   5. On 1st of October 2013, a jury panel from Microsoft technical team will be reviewing all apps submitted from
everyone and choosing the first three WINNING DEVELOPERS based on the below

-   Developed the highest number of apps
(on Windows 8 Store and Windows Phone Store) during the contest time frame.

-   His/Hers apps are having the highest
number of downloads.

-   His/Hers apps are having the highest rating.

-   The app should leverage Windows 8/Windows
Phone capabilities where possible.

-   Apps serving local community.