Start a Business

Business is everywhere and in everything. It is in the things we buy, the things we eat, even in the entertainment we watch. You might be surprised to realize the amount of business that is done before a football match is aired, or by the fact that a movie script may be bought and sold several times before it gets made, if at all. Web Sites, software, and services are examples of how a business can spark. Creating a site that gets a lot of traffic can allow you to sell ad space or provides a service that you can charge for, or software/app you can sell to a company/ISV or distribute your self, or providing your technical expertise can be what your company is all about.

This does not mean you have to create a website, software, or service that will change the world at once. The possibilities are endless. The biggest companies and technologies today started out with simple ideas. Facebook started off as a simple forum that with a profile that is exclusive to your friends. The UI that we are familiar to today came form the idea of representing a directory to an image that we call an Icon. Innovation is often thought of as a big epiphany that came to a luck few that are fortunate to realize it however it can also come from looking at something from a different angle or simply trying to solve a problem someone has as these collage students .

The next step is to bring your business to life. While there are many aspects of running a business the below programs may give you a head start and the technical room to get your business up and running.


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WebsiteSpark is a new global program, to help small professional Web development and design service companies succeed, by providing new business opportunities through connections with global partners and customers, support and training, and software tools – at no upfront cost. More at