Virtual Labs

You don’t need to buy, download or install such software as Visual Studio 2010, Biz Talk, SharePoint, Lync, and more in order to practice by using and learning on them. MSDN Virtual provides you with FREE Virtual Hands-on-Labs. Most labs can be completed in about 90 minutes and give an great Step by Step experience with the technology you want to experience.

The experience of the labs is well received and people enjoy not only know a new technology but love the fact that you can play around with it and not have to go through the hassle of buying and installing the software.

First go to and chose the lab you want to do.

Once you click on the lesson you want to take, this is what you will see


Click on image to start. Your screen should look like this:


On the right hand side there is a panel that has tasks for you to accomplish in order to understand the lesson. Each Task is broken down to step by step instructions on how to perform the specific task. You can move forward or backwards as you whish.

After you try it out, tell us what you think either in the comments section below or on facebook/twitter