Windows 8 Best Apps Contest


The Contest is extended till end of February.


1 The best developer will get a Samsung Slate 7 tablet (With a stylus, Keyboard and a docking station - Windows 8 enabled)

1 The runner up will get a Windows Phone 7.5


 A judging panel will decide who is the first winner and who is the second winner, based on the following rules.

To be a winner you have to have at least one quality app (the more the better) published on the store.

The following is what defines a quality app.

 1- The general rule, is "would you install and use this application for real or not?".

2- The quality & UX of the application.

3- How much does it leverage the Windows 8 capabilities.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Apps must be published by Individual Developer Accounts not Company Accounts in the Windows 8 Store.
  2. Egypt must be the country set for this account
  3. Whenever you need to submit an application in the contest, please add it here in CodeVNext, and forward the email you get from the store containing the application’s online store link to:


  • To create an individual developer account, please go to: :
  • Sign in go to the Dashboard and complete the wizard.
  • It will cost you an annual fee of 300 EGP, paid through a normal Credit Card.
  • Debit Cards/pre-paid cards like Visa Electron will not work.
  • Promotional Credit Cards or Cards with security chips, may not work either.
  • Check this link for all resources you need to develop Windows 8 Applications:


Show us your apps.

Good Luck,

Applications are accepted at any time. Enroll your application.