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Happy Friday.  As I’m diving deeper and deeper into OBA development and Office integration, I’m discovering more and more how much information actually IS out there on this stuff…just not as surfaced as say, “SharePoint development”.

With the economy as new buzz word….I’m continuing to drive customers to use more with what they already have.  This includes WSS and Office 2007.  You’ve heard the phrase, “Better together”.  While not coined for these products, it definitely applies.  And with the new VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for the Office system),  companies can now easily start to leverage the true power of the new Office platform (both server and client).  

But don’t take my word for it…here are some more OBA resources to get you up to speed:

What is OBA?

Office Business Applications (MS Office)

OBA Central


Office Business Applications Developer Portal

Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface Resource Center

Customizing the 2007 Office Fluent Ribbon for Developers

2007 Office System Document: Lists of Control IDs

Office Development with Visual Studio Downloads

Interactive Developer Map


OBA Composition Reference Toolkit Version 2.0

Visual Studio Code Snippets for the Office Fluent UI


Office Business Applications (OBA) Team Blog

Office Development with Visual Studio (VSTO)

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